Along with transportation, the Firm has a focus on energy in the following manners:

(i) Renewable Energy

Assuming that a country has interesting wind or solar measurements, and a legislative framework, in line with EU Directives, which provides for an attractive, guaranteed, feed-in tariff, Credinvest International is able to manage such projects, singularly or on a joint venture basis, comprising all aspects including, but not limited to, raising of debt and equity, sourcing of appropriate technologies and so on.

In addition to wind or solar derived energy, Credinvest International is active in the waste to energy field, with project possibilities including the treatment of municipal solid waste and generation of heat or electricity therefrom.

(ii) Energy Projects

The decisions of state owned energy groups are often, in part or in whole, a function of Government policy.

We advise large entities on various aspects of policy and risk management, including commodity purchase hedging, interest rate swaps and co2 emissions sales or Repos.

For the longer term business, subject of course to mandate, Credinvest International is in a position to support Government and Board level decisions by, for example:

a) Arrange long term financing for energy projects including gas cogeneration and nuclear power, through a balance of multilateral and ECA backed financing, debt capital markets and so on.

b) If applicable, arrange equity investors to co invest into such projects, be they financial investors or strategic ones.

c) If Government policy has established such, the firm is able to lead manage the divestment of energy assets, such as, for example, energy transmission or distribution lines.

Similar strategies may apply here: it may be possible to package assets into special vehicles for sale to financial investors or by way of IPOs, or sold to strategic investors for further development.

The Energy sector is a highly sensitive one in all countries, because of its impact on all other sectors, and investment therein on an ongoing basis is paramount.

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